Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Arrival in Honolulu

We arrived without incident, and picked up our car, then faced the traffic of Honolulu.  If we didn't need a car for my work and for later travel, I would skip it.  The traffic to Waikiki, where we are staying, is baaad!  Good thing we have a GPS to guide us.  The condo we have rented is on the 16th floor, two blocks away from the beach, with a view of the beach and ocean, so not so bad.  The condo is certainly big enough for us, with a bedroom, a living/dining/kitchen area, and a lanai (balcony).

After getting settled, we wandered to Waikiki beach, where it appears that everyone but us is under 25, thin, and athletic.  Oh well, great scenery.  Took a few pics of the beach and swimmers/surfers, then strolled along the high-end hotels.  I had read about a special Japanese noodle place, so we went there, stood in a line half a block long, and got in for our special noodle (Udon) dinners.  Very filling and very tasty.  Once we finished, we saw that the line extended about twice as far as when we got there, so the place is busy and well-liked.

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