Monday, October 13, 2014

More work

Monday was another workday for Joel, but Christina and Tom and Cathy got to play.  They went on a guided tour of Pearl Harbor and other key sites in Honolulu (though they did have to meet the tour bus at 6:45AM, which meant packing up everything and getting it into the car, since we were moving on to the North Shore that afternoon).  When the tour was over, and when Joel was done with the survey, we met in Waikiki, and headed out of town.  We took the scenic route, though my GPS lady kept telling us we were not going in the right direction.  We drove along the entire perimeter of the island, from the east shore we could see from the overlook, around past Turtle Bay, Sunset Beach, the Pipeline, and down the coast to Hale'iwa, where we had rented a house right in town, but within walking distance of the beaches.  The house and gardens were beautiful, peaceful, just right for relaxing and laying back.  We could walk to almost any restaurant, and had a fair sized grocery store next door, so we were set.  Here are some of the flowers , as well as bananas,  in the yard.  

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