Thursday, October 16, 2014

Underwater and up a creek

Thursday morning was the day to go snorkeling.  We had seen a couple of likely spots along the coast where snorkeling would be good, but focused on the very sheltered area around Shark Cove. 

The cove is surrounded by coral reef and volcanic rock, the bottom is coral and volcanic rock with many sandy spots as well, so we could swim a bit, find a sandy spot to stand and rest, then keep going.  The water was very clear, with lots of colorful fish.  My photos, using a waterproof camera, are not so great, but the actual views were! 

We spent more than an hour just floating around, enjoying the fish, until the place got crowded, and we got tired. 

In the afternoon, we went to a Farmers Market in Waimea Valley, along the creek.  There were lots of vendors, selling fresh fruits, coffee, nuts, and of course all kinds of jewelry and clothing.  We picked up some bananas (Apple bananas, the best), limes, macademia nuts, some honey, etc.  That was enough activity for the day. 

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