Monday, October 27, 2014

Moving day

Saturday morning we packed up our things (fairly minimal packing) to move to our final place to stay.  It was hard to leave the house, which was so quiet and peaceful, but we had to move.  Our next place was only a few blocks away, in a condo apartment said to be "11 steps from the beach".  I didn't ever really count the steps, but I think that was a good estimate.  The one-bedroom condo exited right onto the beach, and again was very quiet, unless you consider constant surf noise a problem.  The owners were originally from Louisiana, and their daughter had been Miss Hawaii, and 3rd runner-up for Miss America, in 2011.  

By Saturday evening, the reason for Tom and Cathy's early departure began to hit.  Hurricane Ana was about 130 miles off the coast, and produced constant rain for the next 24 hours.  We did not get much wind, and the rain was not heavy, just constant, but the area around Honolulu and the airport got a lot of both.  A good time for us to hunker down and read and wait out the storm. 

 Oh, I forgot about the sunset!  What a spectacular time. 

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