Sunday, October 12, 2014

Moana Falls hike

Sunday morning, everybody was up and ready to go, but first we needed fuel.  We found a breakfast place called Heavenly, where the food was indeed Heavenly.

After re-fueling, we headed up the road to hike to Moana Falls.  Christina and I were a bit wary about any hike to a falls, but the guidebook assured us it would be just fine.  Again, when we arrived, we were not alone.  Not as many people as at Diamond Head, but enough to know we were not in wilderness.  The trail, paved much of the way, wound through absolutely beautiful jungle, with huge trees, vines, flowers, etc., ending at a smallish water fall and pool where, again, there were warning signs about leptospirosis.  Many kids were getting in the water, cooling off after the hike up, but we were not really ready to risk the illness, nor did we have our swimsuits.  Beautiful hike, great views along the way, and a nice ending to the hike.

Sunday evening we "dressed up" in nicer shorts and shirts, and headed to a Japanese restaurant for a birthday celebration.  The majority of the menu was sushi and sashimi, which made Tom a bit nervous, but with some encouragement he tentatively began sampling things, and by the end of the evening, he was a convert.  We had a wonderful dinner, lots of things to share, and a great evening.

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