Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Polynesian Cultural Center

Several months ago, we made reservations for an all-afternoon/evening experience at the Polynesian Cultural Center, a "living history" park run by Brigham Young students and faculty.  It is the most-attended paid site in the state.  Christina and I had been there briefly about 20 years ago, but our memories of the visit were minimal.  When we arrived, we were assigned to a guide who came from New Zealand (he is Maori) to study at BYU and work at the center.  Part of the deal for them is that they work for tuition/room/board, and then they must return home for about the same time as they were here.  After that, they have no real obligation.  We learned about several of the polynesian cultures, had a luau-like dinner, watched an IMAX film about Hawaii, and then decided we had had enough for one day, so took the bus back to our house.

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